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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fresh and Fun Chair Designs

So often we use seating as just that- a seat.  But with innovative designs, fun colors, patterns, and unique shapes, chairs can take on the life of a functional piece of art.  We've gathered some fantastic lounge chair styles together to give you some designer inspiration.  These pieces will appeal to your adult sensibilities and your whimsical child inside.

Le Chat

These two sinuous chairs are designed for Artifort by Pierre Paulin.  Paulin is a hugely prolific force in the furniture design industry.  He's worked for Artifort for over 50 years and his amazing designs still continue to astonish us.  Le Chat boasts a contemporary and organic appeal with its taut curves and single structure design.  Like a cat ready to leap, its dynamic while providing great ergonomic shape for the body.  Playful and useful; a perfect marriage of components.

The Tongue Chair

This gorgeous fauteuil is the Tongue.  Another mid century modern home run from Paulin.  Its flowing shape and expressive colors are unique and elegantly individual.  This classic and cool design landed the Tongue in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Eros Chair

Another force to be reckoned with in the design industry is industrial designer Philippe Starck.  The Eros chair pays homage to the Eames with it's Eiffel like base.  The smooth curves and a polished appearance make the Eros Chair a sophisticated element in any room. Available in eight bright colors, it is flexible enough to function in living rooms, dining rooms, offices or reception areas. The inverted disk design makes it a great comfy seat and intriguing shape makes it a fantastic design element.


The Kartell Mademoiselle Chair, designed by Philippe Starck in 2003, uses bold, modern colors and a streamlined shape to bring verve into modern spaces. It features a frame made of transparent or black polycarbonate, and a seat made of polyurethane foam upholstered in thick, soft, 100% cotton patterns designed by Rosita Missoni.

Slice Chair

With a chic modern look, the Paulin Slice Chair makes a great addition to any contemporary space. Though its look seems current, the chair is actually a high quality reproduction of a popular mid-century piece. Inspired by Pierre Paulin's Orange Slice Chair designed in 1960, this chair offers impeccable accuracy and quality as well as a look that works great in today's modern home.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Area Rug Instruction

This week's blog is all about what's under your feet, specifically Area Rugs, that is!  Rugs come is an astounding array of sizes, colors, textures, and styles.  So we've decided to help outline some information about rugs to help you make an informed and design savvy decision when choosing how to add style to those floors.  Don't forget to have you room dimensions handy as that's the first step.  Once you know your dimensions you can determine the material, shape/layout, color and style you would like.

For starters there are some main materials used in area rugs.  Cotton, Polyester, Sea Grass, Sisal, Jute, Polypropylene, Silk and Wool.

Cotton is a natural fiber which is ideal for high-traffic areas and is durable, soft, and in a wide spectrum of colors.

Polyester is a synthetic materials which retains color clarity, is easily cleaned, has a soft plush feel, and is deal for living areas.

Sea Grass is a natural material which is strong, has a coarse natural texture and is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Jute is another great natural material which is easily identifiable with its natural coloring and soft feel.  It should not be placed under furniture and it best in low-traffic areas.

Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber which is resistant to moisture, mildew, and mold, is easy to clean, colorfast, and best for low-traffic areas.  Good for indoor or outdoor use.

Silk is a natural material which has a beautiful high luster sheen and is used to provide highlights and contrast in wool rug blends.  It has a soft luxurious feel and is best for low-traffic areas.

Lastly Wool, another natural material which is soft, thick, strong, and resilient and static-resistant.  It works great in high-traffic areas and may shed somewhat when new.

Along with all the materials area rugs come in there are a variety of techniques for their construction.  Hand-knotted, Hand-tufted, Flat Weave, Machine-made and Hand-woven are a few of the most common techniques.  Check out this link for more info about these methods and more.

Knowing what size of area rug and layout to choose can also be confusing.  Here are some helpful hints for living, dining room, and bedroom layouts with diagrams!

Before buying a rug, it is crucial that you have the room's dimensions to ensure appropriate sizing is determined.

Don't forget about unusual shapes for area rugs, which also come in Square (perfect for large modern living rooms or under a square dining table), Oval (a more organic alternative to rectangular rugs) and Kidney (great for contemporary odd shaped spaces) as well as laying for a unique effect.

Also try two legs on the bed placed on a large rug but allow the floor to show all around the bed.  The rug should be approximately 24" or more from the sides of the bed.

 Have in mind what color goes with your existing (or new) decor. Area rugs come in every color imaginable along with many shapes and sizes.  Know what style you are looking to convey to help your designer or yourself narrow in on what exactly you want.  By knowing your style such as traditional, contemporary or transitional you can quickly eliminate rug options which don't suit you.  You can then go more in depth into styles like Classic, Arts and Crafts, Modern, etc.  If you're into bold graphic prints then you'll want to stick to the contemporary genre.  Traditional tastes will most likely prefer more muted tones and Oriental styles.  Transitional sits in between the two styles.  By knowing your taste the process will go much faster.  Rugs come in neutrals, pastels, black and white graphic, bright bold colors and more!  The possibilities are endless and by choosing a great rug to compliment your space you're sure to create a cohesive finished room by adding softness and depth to the design!  

To see a catalog of the beautiful rugs shown here, and more, stop in to PerLora and PerLora Leather.  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Innovative Art Pieces

Having great finishes, a functional space plan, and stylish and comfortable furniture is still not the whole picture when creating a cohesive room.  Don't forget about art and accessories!  This week's blog shows some fantastic pieces to accessorize your room using gorgeous wall art and sculptures.  These finishing touches help to pull a room together and make it a real showpiece.  Check out these great pieces, available at PerLora and PerLora Leather.

Metal wall art is gaining in popularity due to its durability, range of colors and styles, and 3 dimensional aesthetic.  They also come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes.

Wall table top and floor sculpture are great when you've already filled your walls with paintings or family photos.


Table Sculptures Above

Floor Sculptures Below

At the other end of the spectrum with sculpture is acrylic, which has a completely different look and nature from metal sculpture.

Acrylic is a great material for furniture and art.  It's lighter and won't shatter like glass.  It comes in a wide variety of colors and can be formed into an endless variety of shapes.  It remains clear even when thick and fits beautifully into contemporary decor.
This company creates sculpture, furniture and much more.  Their specialty is in acrylic applications.  Sculptures run the gamete of their imagination from nature inspired, completely abstract, Pop art, and more.  Most pieces come in 12 fun colors and clear or black and often can be customized to suit your exact needs.

Friday, April 27, 2012

10 Stool Styles

Deciding on a type of stool for your home can seem like a daunting task. There are many types available from metal, wood, upholstered, and plastic, four legs, a central stem, hydraulic or static. The list goes on and on. Many stools come in bar, counter, and dining versions or have hydraulic lifts to adjust between the two. Sizes can vary slightly to add to all the other factors you have to think about. But not to worry! PerLora and PerLora Leather designers can assist with this selection and point you to the perfect stool.

We've complied a list of some trending stools on the market today. Available at PerLora and PerLora Leather so stop in today!

1. Tailored like a custom suit, the contoured walnut veneer back, available in natural or in a java finish, embraces an upholstered inset. The functional peek-a-boo cut-out above the back cushion adds flair and easy handling, while the cloud seat cushion provides a fusion of luxurious comfort. The hydraulic lift column easily adjusts from counter to bar height, or anywhere in between. The frame is available in various durable powder-coat finishes. Choose a wood, powder-coat finish and the perfect fabric from our wide selection!

2. Revel in the pure fun and calm, supportive comfort of this sleek stool. The soft arcs of the back suggest a cheerful, carefree smile, which is reinforced by the broadly curved seat. Generously padded seat and back cushions are available in all Elite fabrics and leathers. The hydraulic lift column easily adjusts from counter to bar height, and sports a Polished Chrome footrest. Steel column, base, and back support are offered in Topaz, Onyx, Mocha, Pearl White, Bronze, Pewter, or Toffee. Companion dining chair also available

3. The simple but yet sophisticated barstool is the perfect combination of great design and functionality. The Polished Chrome metal frame creates a functional low back and then turns into a sleek integral footrest. The softly upholstered seat will ensure great comfort as well as good looks. The hydraulic lift provides easy adjustment from counter to bar height. The steel base is available in durable powder-coat finishes. The seat is available in all our microfiber, leather and Ultrasuede® Ambiance colors.

4. Designed to to compliment the matching dining chair, this handsome stool features a taller contoured Champagne-plated back for long-term comfort, with striking graphic cut-out detail for visual punch. The sturdy steel frame outlines the detail and then swoops down to support a Polished Chrome footrest. Hydraulic lift column easily adjusts from counter to bar height. Steel frame, column, and base are available in powder-coat finishes.

5. Clean, pure lines and simple forms are combined to create this animated, almost playful stool. Generous oval arms and softly sculpted solid maple back provide remarkable long-term comfort. Hydraulic lift column easily adjusts from counter to bar height.

6. This recognizable and popular bar stool has a chromed steel footrest and base, molded ABS plastic seat and gas lift. Base is 16 inches diameter.

7. Its shape conjures up stools of the 1800s. Charles Ghost is constructed from a single block of transparent polycarbonate, which makes it indestructible. It's available in three different heights and is suitable for interior and exterior use. Comes in a wide range of colors and matte or transparent finishes. Colors include crystal, orange, rose, light blue, yellow, green, smoke grey, glossy white, glossy black and Kartell red.

8. This stool is made of American Walnut with great clean lines and a contemporary rustic feel. Only available in American Walnut.

9. A classic design in polished stainless steel allows this stool to fit in with a variety of decors.

10. Made from 100% stainless steel and a plush leatherette seat, the Darwen is the perfect mix of comfort and sophistication.