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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fresh and Fun Chair Designs

So often we use seating as just that- a seat.  But with innovative designs, fun colors, patterns, and unique shapes, chairs can take on the life of a functional piece of art.  We've gathered some fantastic lounge chair styles together to give you some designer inspiration.  These pieces will appeal to your adult sensibilities and your whimsical child inside.

Le Chat

These two sinuous chairs are designed for Artifort by Pierre Paulin.  Paulin is a hugely prolific force in the furniture design industry.  He's worked for Artifort for over 50 years and his amazing designs still continue to astonish us.  Le Chat boasts a contemporary and organic appeal with its taut curves and single structure design.  Like a cat ready to leap, its dynamic while providing great ergonomic shape for the body.  Playful and useful; a perfect marriage of components.

The Tongue Chair

This gorgeous fauteuil is the Tongue.  Another mid century modern home run from Paulin.  Its flowing shape and expressive colors are unique and elegantly individual.  This classic and cool design landed the Tongue in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Eros Chair

Another force to be reckoned with in the design industry is industrial designer Philippe Starck.  The Eros chair pays homage to the Eames with it's Eiffel like base.  The smooth curves and a polished appearance make the Eros Chair a sophisticated element in any room. Available in eight bright colors, it is flexible enough to function in living rooms, dining rooms, offices or reception areas. The inverted disk design makes it a great comfy seat and intriguing shape makes it a fantastic design element.


The Kartell Mademoiselle Chair, designed by Philippe Starck in 2003, uses bold, modern colors and a streamlined shape to bring verve into modern spaces. It features a frame made of transparent or black polycarbonate, and a seat made of polyurethane foam upholstered in thick, soft, 100% cotton patterns designed by Rosita Missoni.

Slice Chair

With a chic modern look, the Paulin Slice Chair makes a great addition to any contemporary space. Though its look seems current, the chair is actually a high quality reproduction of a popular mid-century piece. Inspired by Pierre Paulin's Orange Slice Chair designed in 1960, this chair offers impeccable accuracy and quality as well as a look that works great in today's modern home.

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