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Monday, March 5, 2012

Lighting, Tuffets, and Benches OH MY!

In this week's blog we're taking a look at some unique lighting solutions, ottomans, and other low seating and storage options.  We're going to take things down a notch and see how to incorporate the floor as more of a design element.  Too often we put down beautiful carpet or hardwood floors and the consideration of the floor stops there.  We simply place furniture on top.  Instead, try utilizing floor lighting and low seating to help emphasize those great floors!

This organic flowing lamp has a white molded polypropylene diffuser.  It is also available as an outdoor light and has wall and ceiling versions.  It works as a multidimensional piece and can be used on many surfaces.  When used in groups they really pop and add soft diffused lighting for a cozy look.  These pieces emanate a creative sense when grouped together and due to their curvilinear design draw your eye in and around them.  


Solar is a unique multifunctional object.  Its configuration allows it to function as an ambient light, low cocktail table, and art form.  It is certain to become a social gathering center where friends can congregate around or enjoy a small meal or glass of wine.  The surface finishes are glossy white or dark wood.  It also is available in an outdoor version with a rusty and textured finish.  Made of polyethylene, the hemispherical shape of the body allows for the piece to be tilted, diffusing light in different ways.  It will create an artistic subtle atmosphere everyone is sure to appreciate.

Another fantastic lamp is this egg shaped poylethylene orb which is available in three different sizes.  It can be used both indoor and outdoor and comes in medium, large, and extra large.  It uses fluorescent bulbs for a clean bright glow.  Works on flat and/or uneven surfaces.  


 A tuffet or pouffe, are terms used for a piece of furniture which functions as a footstool or low seat, such as an ottoman. Ottomans are no longer just the standard leather cube.  Some new trends are emerging including super soft  and fluffy pouffes, Tetris ® and geometric shaped ottomans.
 Take for instance, these great pieces.  They fit together like a winning game of Tetris ® or can be pulled apart to accommodate even more seating.  These pieces are adaptable to your needs and work in many configurations.  They are playful while still sleek.  The upholstery can be customized to suit your tastes and work in both residential and commercial settings.
Another way to lighten up your decor with a playful feel is by adding shaped ottomans.  This group comes in round, square, oval, and flower with casters which make for easy mobility.  Colors/fabrics are customizable and the fun shapes allow for utilization in whatever type space you have.  There are tons of options with these great pieces and they work well in both modern decor and even children's rooms.
Looking for an ergonomically designed ottoman that puts a fresh spin on the traditional?  Try these out.  They come in a wood or soft version.  The curved design makes it a comfortable low seat, great footrest, or can even be used like a tray if eating seated on the floor is your thing!  They come with casters for easy mobility, and either a walnut or upholstered finish depending on your preference.  This ottoman is sure to be frequently noticed and then appreciated by guests when seating is scarce.  However, guests may be fighting over who gets these seats first!

If comfort and style are on your check list when picking out an ottoman then look no further!  These super soft and sophisticated cylindrical ottomans will make your feet (or behind) feel like it's in heaven.  They come in a variety of textures, materials, and colors to fit in with any color scheme.  Covers can generally be removed for cleaning. 


 Bench trends have drastically changed from the boxy wood staple.  Today benches are made in all kind of shapes and materials and deserve some recognition.  They can be used instead of chairs at your dining table, double as a cocktail table when needed, and work as extra seating.
Stainless steel rod style benches and tables are becoming extremely popular.  They offer clean lines and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as below.  They have multiple functions, are well built, and are visually striking pieces.

 For those who still love wooden benches have no fear, we pulled together several that are sure to please.  These benches are made of reclaimed wood in dark oak or natural wood.  This bench, made of recycled cast iron and hardwood has a distressed industrial look.  As being eco and Green conscious grows in popularity, furniture makers are producing products which are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.  Using reclaimed wood and recycled materials not only produces beautiful pieces but leaves your mind at ease that you're doing your part to leave less of an environmental footprint. 

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