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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Inspirational Outdoor Spaces By: Katie Funt

In collaboration with last week's blog we're taking a look at some amazing and inspirational outdoor spaces to get those creative juices flowing. These pictorial samples are just a few examples of how to beautify your exterior environment. Outdoor areas should flow cohesively with some relativity to your interior and not be overlooked; this is an area you can use to create an atmosphere of relaxation or entertainment (or both!). If you're feeling overwhelmed by spatially challenging yards, patios, or balconies stop by or call and speak with a PerLora or PerLora Leather designer today. They have the knowledge and expertise to take an exterior space from mundane and ordinary to gorgeous, multifunctional, and fresh with space planning, furniture and finish selection and more.

Pergolas and other exterior structures are a great way to create interest and break up the monotony of a large yard, plus they provide a sheltered area for a plethora of outdoor activities. Outdoor structures also provide shade from the sun and a barrier from wind and rain, making your space functional even in non-ideal weather conditions. Hanging lights, lanterns, or torches are other ways to make your structure function from daytime brunch to drinks at midnight. They also and add sparkle and pop to the design. Even city dwellers with small outdoor spaces, balconies, or terraces can bring the outdoors in and create a garden style atmosphere. It's all about maximizing your space for functionality while making it visually appealing.

Incorporating eco-conscientious pieces into your garden makes you feel good about helping the environment and they look great! Solar lit flower pots, recycled plastics in furniture, and urban gardens are a fantastic way to go Green. These flower pots charge during the day with a small solar panel for luminous LED lights at night.


 When choosing fabrics and finishes make sure to choose items which are durable, weather and insect resistant. Using outdoor furnishings made of polycarbonate and polyethylene have these qualities and come in playful and trendy designs to spruce up your space. Before designing and laying out your space make sure you've determined how you want the space to function. Is it for relaxing, entertaining, small or large gatherings? How will the elements affect its functions? Choose foliage according to your interests, do you want to attract birds or butterflies, keep garden pests away, or have a lush sensory geared garden? Know your dimensions, choose durable finishes, and make room to store the furniture inside to preserve its life during poor weather months. The better you've planned and determined what you want out of your space, the better it will function for you when completed. Once you've addressed the functionality you can focus on the style and look you want to convey!

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